Finally, The Power To See Inside Walls Outside of the Comic Books!

With Our 3D Solutions, You Can Find Problems In Minutes Without Tearing Up The Walls

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A complete visual record of the site

Our Builder3D™ is the 3D solution that the construction industry has needed. We can create a complete visual model of the site as it originally was at the 4-way inspection point. Quickly trace problems on the property without tearing up walls or requiring any demolition. Our services can help you to empower management to visually inspect the site without even leaving the office. Additionally, complete visual records of your site will help to protect yourself from warranty claims and subcontractor negligence.

  • Electrical: Quickly trace electrical lines to help find faulty connections hidden behind your walls.
  • Plumbing: Go straight to the source of the leak without tearing up walls and prevent substantial water damage to your property.
  • Quality Control: Keeping your building in good shape has never been easier. Give senior supervisors the ability to look for common problems without even having to leave the office.
  • Protection: Shield your business from potential warranty claims and subcontractor negligence lawsuits with a powerful visual record.

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Every builder’s business is unique and so are their specific needs. We want the opportunity to share with you all of the various ways that this technology has helped companies like yours to save both time and money throughout your building cycle. Prevent errors and streamline your project with our services.