Make the Sky the Limit with Scatterscape

Our Aerial Photography Can Take Your Visual Marketing To New Heights

Drone Imagery and Video

When your buyers are considering the purchase of a property, it is more common than ever for them to want to experience the “lay of the land.” With the use of our drone imagery products and video services, you can tell the bigger story of your property as effectively as possible.

Get a Birds’ Eye View

Visiting a property in person still comes with its own set of limitations. Despite being physically present, your prospective buyers are often unable to get the complete picture of the property they are considering purchasing. Take your marketing and customer service to the next level by providing your potential buyers with a birds’ eye view of the entire property.

Showcase your Property’s Best Angles

With our drone video packages, you will gain access to footage that shows off multiple angles of your property. This will enable you to ensure that your buyers see all of the best sides and angles that the property has to offer, which can help to increase the chances of an offer being made on the property.

Professionally-Edited Video Footage

The best videos are designed to tell a story. Our drone-recorded videos are professionally-edited to perfection. This ensures that you can tell the story that you want to tell and encourage your prospective buyers to take action.

Certified, Licensed, and Ensured

When it comes to drone services, it is important to work with a professional. At Scatterscape, we use FAA Part 107 Certified pilots to ensure that operations are safe and performed correctly. In addition, we are licensed and ensured to provide you with thorough protection during the footage recording process.

Comprehensive Services

At Scatterscape, we provide an array of services to help you ensure that your listing will stand out from the crowd. From our listing photos to our drone video photography, we are confident that we can provide the ideal services to get your listing seen. With the use of our technology and 2-3D landscaping design services, you will be able to transform any home into living art!

Virtual Staging