None Of This Furniture is Real!

All of this furniture has been created digitally by our 3D artists and interior design staff. This was done using only a photograph of an empty space and was completed for pennies on the dollar of traditional staging services.

Better results at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual staging can be utilized to show your prospective buyers the potential of a space without the need for expensive furniture rental, moving, and staging services. Not only is virtual staging a convenient, effective way to display the potential of a space, but it is also just a small fraction of the cost of traditional staging processes.

Save Thousands of Dollars in Staging!


No More Furniture Moving

By utilizing our virtual staging services, you avoid the hassle of moving heavy, expensive furniture to stage the space. You can leave the space itself empty, while still enabling your prospective buyers to get a good idea of the potential of the space. Our services can help you to customize the empty space with any look that you want. Inspire your buyers the smart way by using virtual staging services to showcase your property.

Unlock the Full Potential of your Space

Inspire your buyers by showing them the full potential of the space. Customize the space with furniture, artwork, and décor from any style imaginable.

Scatterscape Virtual Staging Vs. Traditional Staging

Scatterscape Virtual Staging

Traditional Staging


Case Study:
An Empty White Box

  • Real Estate marketing
  • Seller had already moved to new home taking all furniture and decor with her
  • Contractual obligation required listing home immediately
  • No time to hire physical stagers
  • Scatterscape Virtual staging was ready in 48 hours
    and saved client $1,500

Drone Imagery and Video

Drone services enable you to show your buyers the complete property that they are interested in purchasing. Tell a bigger story of the property by getting a comprehensive look through drone imagery services.